The Mac Mini is not dead – Yet

Mac mini still an ‘important part’ of Apple’s lineup – Tim Cook

Responding to a concerned Apple Mac Mini fan, Tim Cook has indicated there is still life in the Mac Mini. Of course, as with any such response there was a decided lack of information of just how ‘undead’ the Mini is.

Not time to share details

In his reply, Cook went on to state, “while it is not time to share any details, we do plan for Mac mini to be an important part of our product line going forward.”

Just how important?

Tim Cook avoided saying anything in the response that might give any clue as just how important the Mac Mini would be. Will it continue it’s seemingly slow slide to oblivion, or will Apple revitalise the Mini?

A shadow of it’s former self

If you look at the history of the Mac Mini, at one time it was a decidedly more powerful beast than the current rather anaemic version that hasn’t seen a refresh in over 4 years. The 2012 Mac Mini could be had in i5 or a screamer i7 version that is in such demand today that five year old i7 Mac Minis sell for close to $1000 USD for a top of the line package.

We need a return to a Mini family with a range of options from the lower end, through to full power ‘screamers’.

Mac Mini ‘Must Have’ options

Tim, Johnny, Dan (and anyone else who should be in the loop), this is what the Mini needs to be a force for growth.

Choice of i5 or i7 QUAD CORE  (or even an A series chip optimised for MacOS) Hey imagine that – An A series device that gives Intel a run for it’s money.

Standard 8GB RAM, user expandable to 32GB

4 x Thunderbolt 3 ports

Return of the two drive connectors for the adventurous, (with M.2 form factor, and the NVMe protocol?) Industry standard, PLEASE, no Apple proprietary interface.

Thinking total outside the current ‘box’

Perhaps an Apple Stackable Mac Mini series with Thunderbolt 3 interconnects and either Apple, or 3rd party hard drive bays (again featuring industry standard M.2/NVME), external video card bays… The possibilities may not be endless, but they are many.

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