Serial Apple Hater Jesus Diaz Claims ‘The iPhone X Is A User Experience Nightmare’

Serial Apple hater Jesus Diaz is at it again!

Teaming up (quoting from ) fellow Apple hater Joanna Stern, Diaz makes yet another feeble attempt at Apple bashing, claiming the ‘The iPhone X Is A User Experience Nightmare’. Apart from the usual Apple hating bloggers, the response to the iPhone X teamed with iOS 11 has been almost universally positive. Even Android fans, and senior Microsoft staff have praised the iPhone X.

In an attempt to justify his position, Diaz seems to suggest the positive responses are from Apple sheep, or testers who do not hold Apple to a high enough standard.

When considering the legitimacy of most of these petulant bloggers, Diaz included, we only have to look at the rave reviews they gave the easily bypassed Samsung face recognition, and the Galaxy 8 series devices with rear fingerprint sensor perfectly positioned to have the use stick their finger on the camera lens more often than not.

When attempting to understand Diaz’s almost non stop Apple bashing (hating) we only have to think back to his time at Gizmodo. Diaz and cohorts purchased an iPhone 4 that had been left in a bar by a careless Apple employee. Apparently knowing the seller had no right to possession of the device, the Gizmodo fools paid for the phone, which Apple remotely locked preventing them from exploring the OS and installed apps. That in itself seems to have pissed Diaz and co off. Then for Apple to have the temerity to ask for the device back, which Gizmodo refused to do, despite knowing they had no legal claim to possession. It was only when faced with a criminal complaint, they eventually handed the phone back to Apple.

One is left with the solid impression that Diaz’s hatred is based on the fact that Apple demanded, and enforced the return of the iPhone 4, and had the gaul to refuse Gizmodo special access to the Apple labs, or to provide any ‘scoops’.

Regardless, after reading Diaz’s latest spray, one can only see him as a petulant child determined to use every opportunity to slag anything Apple. He is perfectly happy to heap praise on demonstrably inferior Android product, and on the subject of Google Play’s woeful security a stony silence.

Jesus Diaz, you get the ‘Digit’ for a lifetime of mindless anti-Apple drivel.

Meanwhile, the vast majority of reputable reviewers (and this blogger) acknowledge the iPhone X as a significant step forward. Face ID is solid, fast and secure. A true innovation implemented correctly, not some gimmick that can easily be defeated with a digital photo.

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