Rain Design MStand 360 Notebook Stand

In this review, we check out Rain Design’s latest notebook stand offering, the MStand 360. The MStand 360 is a simple, yet elegant twist on their successful MStand product, with the introduction of a turntable under the base.

Rain Design

We previously reviewed Rain design’s iLevel and found it a superb, though complex piece of engineering. With incredibly fine engineering and smooth range of adjustment, it was the answer to our need for a notebook stand offering a wide range of angle adjustment. It certainly earned an Editor’s choice from us. When presented with the opportunity to review another of their stands, we had expectations of a well designed and crafted product.


IMG 1257

As was the case with the iLevel, the MStand 360 is well packaged with ample product description on the outside of the box, along with a plug for their MStand Tablet Pro.


The MStand 360 is made of forged 2.5mm (1/10″) Aluminium with the roller turntable fixed unobtrusively under the base,

Mstand360 specs1Mstand360 specs2

Mstand360 specs3

MStand 360 in Use

Standing 154mm (6 “) tall at the highest point, the stand angles down to present the notebook at an ideal angle for using built in keyboards and touchpad. We chose to use a Bluetooth keyboard and Magic Mouse with our test machine and found the notebook was at a good eye level. The swivel allowed us to adjust the position of the notebook for sharing information with a co-worker, or when using the machine as an additional display for our iMac, to position the screen angle for a quick glance to the side of the main display.

We tried the stand with a range of notebooks from a 13” MacBook Aair, through to a rather industrial 17” laptop. There was no ‘bounce’ when hammering the keyboard of the old laptop, reflecting the solid construction of the unit.

The four soft ‘buttons’ protect the bottom of any shiny new notebook from scratches and the like, and also ensure that any nudges or bumps aren’t going to send the unit sliding off the stand.

Mstand features

We haven’t tried the standard MStand, however, in our view, the simple addition of a turntable has turned what would be a great Notebook stand into an outstanding one.


Having used this stand for over a month, we rate it a well designed, well manufactured 5 Thumbs Up, Editor’s Choice


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