Patently Apple’s Rabid Right Jack Purcher Attacks Tim Cook (Again!)

Patently Apple head, and sometime Apple product fan Jack Purcher has given a Trumpesque display of Rabid Right-Wing fervour today in a post blasting Tim Cook for his passionate letter to Apple Staff on the tragic events in Charlottesville.

We have previously written of Purcher’s Rabid Right-Wing views and use of his Patently Apple bully pulpit to display his total intolerance of any criticism of the racist right, Trump or police brutality; an intolerance that often includes deleting any dissenting opinion on his site.

As usual, instead of addressing the hatred and intolerance shown by the Alt-Right and Nazi’s in Charlottesville, Purcher attempts to emulate Trump in playing down the hatred displayed, and attempts to deflect by suggesting that some lone crazed gunman in Dallas shooting cops in the aftermath of yet another killing of an unarmed Black person, somehow equates to the hundreds of violent demonstrators and the Right-Wing terrorist who mowed down and killed a peaceful protestor.

He then goes on to claim that Cook should have sent a similar email when demonstrators and Trump thugs fought outside one of Trump’s rallies in Chicago, rallies where Trump incited violence against peaceful protestors who infiltrated his rallies.

Jack, when your Patently Apple site reports on patents and other Apple news, it is a worthwhile source.

When you descend to your intolerant attacks on Tim Cook, a man who shows more compassion and leadership than the leadership within The White House, you display the same lack of moral fibre as the man you so fervently defend. Denigrating the thousands of Apple employees by suggesting they ‘can’t handle life or news events’ is equally offensive.

My take; Tim Cook is a passionate voice of tolerance and inclusion we are the stronger for having in our world. He has every right, even responsibility, to make that voice heard, and to use his position of influence to promote that tolerant and inclusive platform.

While disagreeing strongly with your views, I defend your right to push your Right-Wing agenda from your position of influence.

The hypocrisy of your attacks on Tim Cook for exercising his right to speak is evident for all to see.

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