No Major MacBook Pro Upgrade in 2018 – Say it Isn’t So!

According to DigiTimes, there will be no major MacBook Pro upgrade in 2018

Please Apple, say it isn’t so!

The current MacBook Pro, while a seriously good unit is showing it’s age against the latest releases from the likes of HP. MacOS with it’s tighter code makes up for some of the gap against the bloat that is Windows 10, but not enough to make up for such a significant hardware performance gap.

Newly announced ultra powerful, yet lightweight notebooks featuring the 8th gen, G series i5 and i7 Intel/AMD modules are the direction of the market. Apart from the power of the combo module, there is significant real estate saving, allowing manufacturers to choose from a number of options; smaller devices, larger batteries, additional features, or a combination of the above.

‘No major upgrade’ would rule out the significant changes necessary to shift to the AMD Vega in module or discrete format.

If Apple does not choose to undertake a major upgrade this year using this module or a similar solution, MacBook Pro prospective customers will be stuck with underperforming device options for at least another 12 months. A simple upgrade to an 8th gen processor will make up some of the performance gap, however without a major redesign incorporating enhanced video performance and additional memory we will be starved of the best performance options.

Apple, time to pull finger (again) and get (continue?) working on a major MacBook Pro upgrade for 2018.

Nothing less than 8th Gen Intel CPU with AMD Vega mobile in module or discrete and 32GB RAM will do. Given the current Intel Spectre and Meltdown issues, perhaps even give more than passing thought to an AMD CPU/Vega combo?

While you are at it, use the design exercise to slot the same capabilities into the Mac Mini. It is in even greater need of an upgrade to prevent it slipping into oblivion.

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