Jack Purcher (Patently Apple) Sinks Deeper Into The Swamp

Seems Patently Apple in the form of Jack Purcher just can’t help it/himself.

A week can’t go by these days without Jack Purcher making some unjustifiable dig at Tim Cook. While Purcher feels he has every right to use Patently Apple as his own private Bully Pulpit, Cook is not allowed to voice his opinions anywhere, anytime.

In this case, in an article commenting on Microsoft’s plans to integrate Cortona with Amazon’s Alexa, and eventually Android and iOS, Purcher, like his undisciplined hero Trump, can’t resist the temptation to go off topic and take a swipe at Tim Cook.

In this latest drivel post, Jack Purcher calls Tim Cook an activist who is against borders and walls of any sort.

If being someone who feels an obligation to use his profile to speak out against racism, sexism, gender discrimination and other far right core beliefs dear to Jack Purcher makes Cook an activist, then Purcher may in part be right.

Nowhere have I seen Cook speak out against borders. I have not seen him speak out against the insanity that is the Mexico Border wall, though can imagine Cook being aghast at the thought of wasting tens of billions of dollars on something that will be circumvented as soon as it is built. Cook does support minimising trade barriers, however that is a boon to American, not the threat Purcher, Trump and their ilk paint.

Without those limited barriers Apple would not be the raging success it is, supporting several million American jobs, in addition to millions more around the world. Without those limited barriers, other American success stories would also be far less than they are. Think Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, and others. True they are not the blue collar, heavy industry favourites of Trump (and Purcher’s?) base, however, they are the industry of today and tomorrow.

Jack Purcher,  go back to doing what you do best, running Patently Apple as an Apple news site ‘Celebrating Apple’s Spirit of Invention’ per it’s Masthead, and not a cheap wannabe Brietbart.

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