Jack Purcher (Patently Apple) Goes Even Further Rabid Right

Jack Purcher of Patently Apple is at it again, this time with a post that bears no relationship whatsoever to Patently Apple’s Masthead.

Purcher, apparently has a problem accepting that Trump, who he seemingly worships, is nothing other than a racist, misogynistic fool.

In responding to a New Yorker piece poking fun at Trump, Purcher seemingly accepts the good-natured poke at Trump, however, then goes off at an indefensible tangent.

First Purcher claims that Trump ‘made it crystal clear that he condemned racism in all its forms including the KKK and neo-Nazis’, apparently missing Trumps initial inability to condemn them until called out by all, including his own party. Trump eventually made a half-hearted attempt to condemn them, only to walkback a day or two later where he claimed there were many good people on both sides. How you get ‘good people’ shouting racist comments and running down innocent demonstrators escapes me, however Purcher goes there.

He then goes on to equate this mass demonstration by the Alt-right with a small minority of people at a Black Lives Matter demonstration shouting ‘kill cops’. Now, of course, remember this was just after yet another unarmed Black kid was gunned down by cops, so emotions were running a little high for some.

Being rabidly anti-Obama, Purcher attempts to claim that a meeting with the leaders of Black Lives at the White House was somehow with and confirmed Obama supported the few who shouted the ‘Kill Cops’ slogans. In a despicable move Purcher attempts to claim that Obama is somehow responsible for the lone crazy who shot and killed 5 cops (including Black cops) on the fringes of a Black Lives demonstration.

Couple of points that differentiate his hero Trump from Obama.

1. Obama never called for his supporters to attack peaceful demonstrators at his rallies – Trump did.

2. Obama consistently spoke out against all types of violence. Trump consistently encourages it.

One might ask why we, an Apple news site are commenting on Purcher’s use of his site to project his political views. Having managed to build a reasonable successful site on the basis of good reporting on Apple’s patents, Purcher now seems he can use that pulpit as an unabashed Trump/rabid right support site while attacking all who dare hold an opposing view. He is using the traffic generated from Apple news aggregation sites to foist his rabid political views on unsuspecting visitors.

In a sign of his intolerance, or perhaps insecurity, Purcher tolerates no opposing views, locking his latest post to prevent any such dissent.

Jack, time to rename your site – Patently Trumpian. I’ve saved you some time and knocked up a new logo. No licence fee required…

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