Intel / AMD Module – Good News for Mac Mini?

Intel has showcased the Intel / AMD combo module at CES, targeting high-performance laptops, but is this Good (Great!) news for the next Mac Mini?

Tim and co. time for an amazing looking, high-performance Mac Mini!


An unusual partnership?

As part of the CES announcement, Intel showcased great performance possible from this module, along with significant board real estate savings.

Though competitors in the CPU market, this unusual get together holds positives for both companies.

Intel gains access to a high-performance GPU chip to take to the competitive, high-performance notebook market, locking Nvidia (an old foe) out. AMD get an entré into that same market, one they have been locked out of for want of a good high-performance mobile GPU offering.


High-end performance in mini package

Once you get past the mouthful of a name ‘8th generation Intel Core processor with Radeon RX Vega M Graphics’ and dive into the specs it’s evident the module saves a chunk of board real estate while offering performance greater than competing options.


While some have described the module as ‘chunky’ that’s a significant reduction in real estate.

The Nitty-Gritty – Benchmarks



The above benchmarks show some significant performance advantages over a combo Intel with discrete Nvidia solution used in highest end gaming laptops and of course leave the inbuilt Intel solution for dead.

Mac Mini?

Looking at the space save graphic above, and the latest Intel NUC images below, it’s clear there is the opportunity for Apple to make a KILLER Mac Mini with this module (before we even consider MacBook Pro).

Here’s the Intel NUC, available in two i7 and one i5 versions.



I’m sorry Intel, but that thing is BUTT UGLY!

Tim/Apple, without letting Johnny go crazy on some super slim throttled performance design, surely there is a sweet looking update of the Mac Mini to be had?

Don’t just settle for i5, we also want i7 in all its powerful glory!

If Intel can stuff  32GB memory, 2 Thunderbolt 3 ports, USB-A and USB-C, dual gigabyte ethernet, 2 x Mini DisplayPort and dual HDMI, WiFi and Bluetooth, 2 x NVMe SSD (and more) into this BUTT UGLY (Yes I said it again!) abomination, think as Steve would. What amazing looking, new Mac Mini could Apple design and release in the next six months? – Hell, I’ll even work on it for you!

Then while one team is working on that, get another to work stuffing the module into this year’s MacBook Pro!





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