Apple Massive Fail With First Apple Silicon Devices

Apple had an opportunity to wow the world with the first Apple Silicon devices. Instead, they chose to release current devices simply warmed over with he new M1 silicon.

The ultra low power, high performance M1 cried out for a new, slim form factor, edge to edge screens and a look to wow the market.

I don’t know if it was timidity on the part of Cook and his team, the bean counters wanting to squeeze every last cent of write-off from the old tooling investment .

Regardless, we have been presented with devices that look no different from their Intel based predecessors.

Tim, what were you thinking? I like to think this would have been a true, ‘one more thing’ moment if jobs were still around.

Instead, Apple have inflicted upon us obsolete looking devices with nothing apart from the silicon to set them apart from any of the current boring Win kit.

All I can hope is Apple have some amazing hardware designs in the works to wow the world in the coming year, though even if the do, they have missed the best opportunity to set themselves apart from the rest of the industry.

All I can say, again is WTF were you thinking Tim Cook?

Huge, Massive, Inexcusable Fail!

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