“Apple is Doomed” – Makes more money than most anyone!

Apple is Doomed!

To listen to some of the nay-sayers, Apple’s best days are long gone. For most, Apple began its downward spiral with Steve Jobs’ passing.

The Facts

Yes, Steve Jobs was inspirational and a driving force, however according to many, he was also dictatorial and made as many wrong decisions as right.

Time Cook, who was brought in by jobs to bring order to the chaos that was Apple instituted a rigorous, tightly controlled purchasing and manufacturing regime that more than the fancy products under jobs, was responsible for Apple’s success. Other companies had inspirational ideas along the lines of Jobs. Most failed, and what they all lacked was a Tim Cook.

Inspirational products count for nothing if you cannot manufacture them in a timely manner, have stock arriving just in time and keep that stock from piling up in warehouses. These were failing in the pre-Cook Apple, failings that, along with non-inspirational products almost drove Apple bust.

There is no denying Jobs was responsible for great, industry changing products from the iPod, iPhone and some of the new Macs, however, he was a dead loss at managing one of the worlds fastest growing manufacturing empires. That was Cook’s success.

Since Jobs passing, many claim there are no new innovative products.

The Watch is a post-Jobs product. Like all products it took a while to get going, however, is far and away the market leader in wearables with no viable competition on the horizon. Just a point to remember, the iPod and iPhone were not runaway successes in their first iterations either. As with the Watch, the basis of a great product was there and refinement, apps, music took them to the heights they achieved.

The continued introduction and refinement of new products and services is driving the ‘Apple that is doomed’ to greater profits each quarter.

The Undeniable Fact!

For those who still insist “Apple is Doomed” check out this chart (courtesy TitleMax)

Most profitable

Apple makes more money per second than pretty much anyone on earth! At $1,444 per second, that’s almost as much as the next two combined, the money vultures at JP Morgan Chase and uber investment group Berkshire Hathaway..

Alphabet (supposedly supreme) makes significantly less than half the profit per second as Apple, and remember they have a virtual monopoly on search and advertising. Facebook, another investor darling, less than ¼, and Amazon doesn’t even appear on the chart.

“Apple is doomed”

All I can say is, I would love to own a significant portion of this, or any other similarly ‘doomed’ company!

I’d love to know what secret halucinagenic the doomsayers are on – must be some sweet herb!


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