Apple Battery Performance Throttling Brings Out the Vultures

Apple Screw Up in Battery / Throttling Debacle

Didn’t Apple just screw up in the throttling of iPhones to address battery issues! While most other companies might have just said, your battery is wearing out, Apple, without advising customs, decided to throttle iPhones in order to maximise run time and minimise unexpected shutdowns. While one could argue that is a reasonable approach, the fact that they did not advise customers has put them in a precarious position. Will the new low-cost battery program get their arses out of the flames, or is it too late?

Culture of Obsessive Secrecy Comes Home To Roost

Apple has always had an obsessive culture of secrecy, one which can be understood from the perspective of not showing their hand to the market too early, and preventing competitors from getting a jump by rushing similar features to market. When it comes to hiding an issue, and not pro-actively informing the market, it’s a screw-up of monumental proportions.

More Heads to Roll?

When a simple announcement to the market at the time Apple began this strategy may have at least mollified most customers, this secret process has many reasonable wondering if it is some Apple plot to force customs to upgrade. I believe/hope not.

We’ve seen Tim Cook fire senior executives after prior debacles (Maps), is some other senior exec at Apple currently packing his/her desk and leaving to ‘focus on other opportunities’?

Exactly what have Apple done wrong?

Your battery is being consumed and is less likely to last a full day. Thousands of impacted customers call AppleCare demanding a fix. One assumes the AppleCare advisors give the customer the cost of a replacement battery and warn them not to use 3rd-party for loss of warranty and other protections. Some smart cookie at Apple decides the best approach is to throttle performance as necessary to improve the chances of the battery lasting all day. Great customer service –  BUT – No-one tells the customers!

A simple press release and an option in Settings to maximise performance, or battery life was all that was needed!

Instead, Apple has yet another PR debacle and have been forced to offer a pretty grovelling apology, come explanation here.

Meanwhile Samsung, et al are having a field day, saying they would never do that (never thought of it, more likely), while conveniently omitting to say they have done more than the equivalent with dodgy benchmarks.

Bring Out The vultures!

One thing that can be guaranteed whenever Apple miss-step; the vultures are out in force!

Class actions are appearing all over the globe, with claims in the $Billions and Australia’s ‘largest ever class action’, courtesy of the professional scumbags ambulance chasers at Shine Lawyers.

The outlandish claims that Apple deliberately throttled performance to force upgrades don’t hold water, however with a screw-up of this magnitude, expect it to cost $$$

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