Serial Tim Cook Hater Jack Purcher Is At It Again

Trump shill and serial Tim Cook Hater, Jack Purcher is at it again

After stating on Patently Apple that he would cease his attacks on Tim Cook and Apple taking their reasonable stands on human rights, Purcher seems unable to control himself (a little like his hero, Trump?).

Like the vast majority of worldwide CEO’s Cook sees the China tariff war as one the U.S. cannot win. The biggest losers will be consumers, faced with increased prices for all Chinese produced goods and also increased prices for US goods reliant on Chinese components and raw materials.

Ignoring this reality, Purcher launched into yet another diatribe against Cook.

Purcher positions the tariffs as reasonable, ignoring the reality of closed businesses and increased prices from the steel and alloy tariffs already in place. These additional tariffs will only spread the pain across a greater sector of the community.

While Patently Apple and Purcher may retain some relevance in reporting on Apple Patents, they risk a slide into irrelevance with their endless sniping at Cook and mindless support for Trump.