Once Reliable Apple News Site Turns into Trump Shill and Anti-Apple Troll.

The once reliable and eminently readable site Patently Apple, seems to have thrown off any pretence of being pro-Apple, or even neutral. While still reporting Apple patents, the real purpose for the site’s existence seems to have radically changed. Under owner, Jack Purcher, Patently Apple has changed into a rabid anti-Apple, pro-Trump shill site.

There has been a significant increase in anti-Apple articles and direct attacks on Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, in recent months .

CEO’s (Tim Cook) should be silent on human rights

It seems, to this ‘impartial observer’, Jack might be a die-hard Trump supporter from the rabid right. Apparently Purcher believes, Trump was rightly able to use his great wealth and tame news orgs to attack anyone and everyone, including Barak Obama, Hillary Clinton, women in general, and the LGBTQ community. At the same time, Apple should remain silent while Trump and co. attack established freedoms and force women back to the ‘barefoot and pregnant’ kitchen from whence some made their escape to successful careers. I wonder what Ivanka thinks of that?

Purcher has particular distain for an openly gay CEO, such as Cook, daring to speak up for the rights of the LGBTQ community. Apparently Cooks sole function in life should be to maximise shareholder value, and he has no right to public opinion. The vehemence of attacks are such they generate impression, at least to this ‘impartial observer’, of a rabid right, closet homophobe.

It’s all about ‘slave-labour’

Purcher, perhaps guided for his seemingly intense dislike for Cook, now attacks Apple at every opportunity. He recently accused Apple of slave-like labour conditions at Foxconn and other partners, even going as far as to use the discredited ‘documentary’, only backing down slightly when called on that. He conveniently ignores the fact that other major US corporations use the same contractors, though do not impose the same working conditions as Apple, nor allow spot inspections.

More recently he used Cook’s speech in China to launch another anti-Apple attack on ‘slave-like labour’, spouting Trumps discredited mantra on ‘globalisation being bad for American workers’. In this diatribe, he conveniently ignores the fact that the apparently low pay rates in the Foxconn and other Apple factories equate to substantially above the Chinese national average and very much un slave-like considering the local cost of living.

American ‘slave-labour’ is preferable.

If he is to be believed Jack wants Apple to create a special upper middle class of Apple workers in China to cause social upheaval with US like pay rates. Reality is, he wants the Chinese ‘slaves’ to have no work, with all such work being brought home for US ‘slaves’. Perhaps he longs for the days of US ‘slave’ labour, toiling in grimy factories for minimum wages while the factory owners get richer. Perhaps that is the real nub of his, and Trump’s demand for production in the US. It has nothing to do with the ‘American Worker’ and is all about all profits being kept for American Factory owners and millionaires. (The Republican money making machine).

Tim Cook, victim of Patently Apple's, anti-Apple troll attacks
Tim Cook in China. Photo: Reuters

Jack meanwhile conveniently ignores the fact his idol, Trump, and his partners in Republican crime, want US workers to have no or minuscule minimum wages that put them in even more slave-like labour, given the relative costs of living. While to poor Chinese ‘slaves’ get free medical care, Purcher’s idols want US workers to have next to none and live one serious illness away from bankruptcy, or even worse, death.

Perhaps Purcher is sufficiently rich that such mundane issues don’t impact him. We know Trump and the Republican stooges certainly are. We also know the uber-rich will gain massive tax reductions to accompany the stripping of basic healthcare for the poor American Worker, he and and his idol, Trump, claim to care so much about.

Rage only applies to Apple

While attacking Apple for daring to speak, Purcher is silent on Trump atrocities, such as grabbing pussy, Executive Orders allowing coal sludge run off into streams that feed town drinking water (water only for poor people?), and rolling back anti pollution efforts that improve the health of the general population.

Purcher’s anti-Apple attacks  are many, and seemingly increasing without boundaries.

The Apple is Doomed Myth

In one recent attack, he used the incompetent Forbes commentator style refrain – ‘Apple only has one thing going for it at present: high priced iPhones. If that ever weakened, their glory days are over.‘ Purcher forgets that Apple has other product lines that, despite far lower volumes, make profits most successful public companies would kill for.

In all this anti-Apple campaign, Purcher has shown himself to be intolerant of dissenting opinion and extraordinarily think-skinned. Even the most polite and reasoned dissenting comment is regularly deleted. Makes one wonder, are Purcher and Trump one and the same, or just cut from the same irrational, intolerant, cloth?

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