News Flash – Samsung admits Note 8 will not charge again if you completely flatten battery

Note 8 Will not charge if customers flatten battery!

In what has to be the perfect case of Karma, Samsung admits that certain Note 8 devices will refuse to charge if customers completely flatten the battery.

When Apple admitted to slowing iPhones with batteries approaching their life expectancy, Samsung rushed sanctimonious statements how they wouldn’t throttle performance to gain extra life from a consumed battery.

Karma has bitten Samsung on the bum with reports of Note 8 devices refusing to charge.

Samsung claim only a limited number of devices are impacted, however one must wonder, is this the same as the ‘limited number’ of Note 7’s that were catching fire?

OOPS! now admitting ‘limited numbers’ of Galaxy S8 Plus also impacted.

Karma really is a bitch!

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