macOS Mojave

macOS Mojave

Dark Mode introduced to MacOS –

Dynamic desktop changes throughout the day


Desktop Stacks – automatically arranged into Stacks, by kind, date, by tags.

Can scrub across stacks


New View – Gallery View – easier to preview content – Sidebar support for full metadata.

Quick Actions across bottom. Automator actions can be added to Quick Actions area.

Quick Look – integrates Markup

Screenshots – Automatic thumbnail of screenshots –  Double Click to jump straight into Markup

Screen capture for video integrated into Screenshots

Continuity – Continuity Camera – Can take a photo and directly insert into a document.

Scan and insert direct into a document.

Apps –

News coming to Mac

Stocks coming to Mac

Voice Memo coming to Mac – Drag memos direct into garageband

Home coming to Mac

Security and Privacy

Extending protection to Camera, microphone, and to any app by default.

Safari – Extending security

Fingerprinting – Devices can be identified by unique characteristics to generate fingerprint to track from site to site. Providing sites with a limited set ofcharacteristics

Mac App Store

New Design – Discover tab with editorials.

Work, Play and Develop tabs

Ratings and reviews front and centre.

Technologies –


Support for external GPU’s – Up to 4 with iMac Pro

Machine Learning – New Tool Create ML – Built in Swift.

Core ML2,

Confirmed NOT merging macOS and iOS.

Multi-Year project to bring iOS apps to Mac


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