Jack Purcher of Patently Apple attacks Cook’s stand on Data Protection and Privacy

Jack Purcher of Patently Apple attacks Cook’s stand on Data Protection and Privacy.

After stating on Patently Apple that he would cease his attacks on Tim Cook and Apple taking their reasonable stands on human rights and other vital issues such as data protection and privacy, serial Tim Cook Hater Purcher seems unable to control himself (a little like his hero, Trump?).


Going back some months, Purcher seemed to begin the move of his site, Patently Apple from a news site to a thinly disguised pro-Trump and Anti Tim Cook bully pulpit. When readers attempted to discuss or dispute his comments, in typical Trumpian style Purcher, unable to tolerate any conflicting opinion, deleted all such posts; however, the impact must have given him pause as he stated he would no longer make those comments on Patently Apple.

The Reality of Purcher

The sad reality is, like Trump, Purcher is unable to control his vicious troll instincts and continues to attack Tim Cook at every opportunity.

Purcher seems to think that Cooks’ comments on bad actors and governments weaponizing user’s data are political and somehow designed to influence elections. Any reasonable person would see them as a factual statement and warning for us to guard our data.

What Tim Cook Said

Cook stated, “Rogue actors and even governments have taken advantage of user trust to deepen divisions, incite violence, and even undermine our shared sense of what is true and what is false.” To most, that seems a pretty accurate summation of what is happening around the world.

Purcher’s Crazed Reaction

Purcher took offense at Cook’s accurate description and spewed venom at Cook, claiming this was nothing to do with data protection and all politics. While you could well choose to see a slight a political edge, it is indeed the sad reflection of attacks on data privacy in many countries; Russia, Australia, China, UK, the USA amongst many others. I seriously don’t think Cook is attempting to influence elections in all of those. Do you?

Our Thoughts

Are those who care for our privacy and the security of our data supposed to remain silent, just because Purcher fears somehow this speech in Europe is going to swing a voter somewhere in the US MidTerms?

I shall get a little political here and suggest Purcher and every Republican politician in any remotely ‘swing’ electorate would love to gain access to phone user’s data. Why stop at disenfranchising Coloured, LGBT,  or any other group remotely considered likely to vote Democrat? They’d love to troll through your data to analyze potential voting patterns and disenfranchise you if they see you as a threat.

While that may sound flippant, of more significant concern and the crux of Cook’s remarks, are the many countries with malevolent governments who may use this data to kill or ‘disappear’ dissidents. How many more journalists might suffer the ‘Saudi Solution’ if people don’t take a stand?

Cook has every right, even obligation to take a stand given his role at the helm of such a significant player in the communications and data industry. No, Jack, it was not a ‘Left Wing Rant,’ just an impassioned speech from someone who cares for Apple and other users’ privacy (yes, even yours)!

In Summation

Patently Apple and Purcher continue their slide into irrelevance with Purcher’s endless sniping at Cook and mindless support for extreme Right Wing politics and Trump.

Tim Cook, please do continue to speak up. There are too many in tech who see access to user data and the right to abuse that data as their God-given right. We need someone with a high profile and sufficient credentials to back their statements, to make this stand.

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