iOS 12

Tim introduces. All about software (No hardware?)

Craig reminds the audience the iOS started the free upgrade strategy. Remember how MS charged/charges for every major upgrade

81% Active iOS devices run current release (Android 6%)

Customer satisfaction for iOS 11 95%

For iOS12 doubling down on performance. Will support all the same devices as iOS11

Focus on oldest devices.

On iPhone 6+ major improvements in performance as an example. App launching twice as fast.

AR Apple worked with Pixar developed USDZ file format and can be used across the system

Adobe bringing USDZ support to Creative Cloud. New Application for iOS

Apple releasing new iOS App – Measure. Craig demonstrated Measure on a suitcase and on a Photo.

Announced ARKit 2. Support for persistence.

Martin Sanders from LEGO demonstrated combining physical with digital and multiple user support.


Over a trillion photos captured each year.

Enhancements to search – Search suggestions. Photos indexes over 4 million events.

New function – For You. Includes sharing suggestions.

If you share with a friend, when they receive the shared photo, their photos searches and suggests photos on their device they may wish to share.



Shortcuts app allow you to create your own shortcuts. Simple drag and drop steps.


News – Personalised feed Top stories hand picked by Apple Editorial team. New sidebar on the iPad.

Stocks – New design. Bringing Apple News to Stocks. iOS12 brings Stocks to iPad.

Voice Memo – Bringing to iPad for first time and iCloud support

iBooks – New design, and now called Apple Books. Reading now feature with a new store.

Carplay. iOS12 now supports 3rd party navigation apps.

A new set of features to limit distraction with i devices.

Do not disturb – Do not disturb during bedtime.

Set an ending time Do not disturb

Notifications – Instant. Support for group notifications.

Screentime – reports gives weekly activity summary. Tap in for full activity report.  App limits, can set limits of time you can spend on an app, with notifications.

Can set allowances for time kids can spend on a device or in apps by category or individual apps.


Animoji – Tongue detection

New Animoji – goat, Koala, Tiger, TRex – Memoji – create your own personalised animoji


Group FaceTime – FaceTime with up to 32 simultaneous participants. – Access to animoji – iPhone,iPad and Mac

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